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BLOG TAKEOVER: How to incorporate that leather jacket into a meeting with your CEO (and do it on a budget)

I’m sure someone famous once said that to truly be yourself, you must dress for YOU - even in corporate america. Well, maybe no one famous has said it, but it’s true. And being a nearly 30-something in a corporate world, choosing appropriate office garb can be difficult. You want to be true to yourself, but not get sent home for breaking the office dress code (or your budget). What’s a young professional to do?! Below are some staple items you probably already have in your closet that can pair well with traditional office pieces to help badass women be themselves while smashing the glass ceiling. Because when you look good, you feel good.

1. Leather Skirt

Leather skirts are hot. Wearing one to work can work for you, if the length is at least to the knee and the top is conservative (read: not too low-cut or open in the front). Paired with a statement necklace and heeled boot, this outfit is chic corporate.

2. Leather Jacket

Leather jacket. Solid cotton or polyester dress. Black heels. Simple jewelry. Don’t overdo it – a leather jacket is a statement on its own so don’t try too hard. This look is an easy one to rock!

3. Camo Pants

Fit for the pants is crucial – if they’re too baggy, this outfit will look a mess. Pants with a slim fit will pull this outfit together, paired with a solid, light-toned top and a black blazer. For this outfit, a professional heel and statement necklace will also polish this look off.

4. Flannel Shirt

Suede skirt. Flannel top. Wool jacket. Leather boots or heels to finish the look. This is a twist on a classic office ensemble. The flannel adds texture, so be sure not to wear shoes or a blazer that will overpower it. A simple gold necklace and druzy stud earrings would complete the look.

Dressing as a professional can be easy with some attention to detail. Buying clothes that fit your body is important for any look, no matter what your body type. And just as every body and style is unique, so is each work environment. Make the best decision for you and be confident in your choices!  As Queen Bey said, who run the world? GIRLS!

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