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The Unspoken Language of Color: What is Your Brand Saying?

Building your brand, but never thought about how the color choices you use affect your audience – say whaaaat? You aren’t alone. Luckily for you, our friends at Coschedule took a deep dive into color theory and how it affects your audience. Here are the basics, for the full shebang, check out their INTENSIVE blog about color psychology, here. I’m not going to bore you with the stuff we learned in primary school (color pun!) but if you need a refresher they DO go over things like primary, secondary, and tertiary colors as well as tints, shades, and tones.

Using High and Low Contrast

High contrast is great for readability but can easily drain the eyes. When designers work, they often choose low contrast for color choices for subtlety or attractiveness. When chosing high or low contrast of colors, think about what you are trying to achieve. Remember that beautiful content that can’t be read is pretty pointless. It’s all about balance!


Choosing Color Combinations

Research shows that people prefer simple color combos (2 to 3 colors) for a logo or branding suite. It’s okay to use additional colors as secondary to your brand for things like promotions, emails, ads, etc. just make sure your brand colors are front and center – they are what your audience recognize and associate with your brand. And if all else fails, remember KISS (keep it simple, stupid).

The Psychology of Color

Yes, this is real, and no it’s not voodoo. Let’s talk about a moodboard that I created for a client this year. The lowdown: this client is a successful and extremely talented personal trainer with a total kickass vibe. She is determined, driven, fun, and her brand needed to reflect that.  Check out the colors we used, bright and punchy while still remaining feminine. The colors set the mood for the entire moodboard, and influence the other choices we make: photos, backdrop, and on and on and on.


Need a moodboard for your business? Or want help branding yourself but don’t know where to start? Email me, ya dingus!


Emotional Connections to Color


Check out this poll, provided by Coschedule, to get a sneak peak at word associations and color.

·         Trust: Most chose the color blue (34%), followed by white (21%) and green (11%)

·         Security: Blue came out on top (28%), followed by black (16%) and green (12%)

·         Speed: Red was overwhelmingly the favorite (76%)

·         Cheapness: Orange came first (26%), followed by yellow (22%) and brown (13%)

·         High Quality: Black was the clear winner (43%), then blue (20%)

·         High Tech: This was almost evenly split, with black the top choice (26%) and blue and gray second (both 23%)

·         Reliability: Blue was the top choice (43%), followed by black (24%)

·         Courage: Most chose purple (29%), then red (28%), and finally blue (22%)

·         Fear/Terror: Red came in first (41%) followed by black (38%)

·         Fun: Orange was the top choice (28%), followed closely by yellow (26%) and then purple (17%)



Still Not Sure What Colors to Use for Your Brand?

Test the market – like with all good marketing – testing your assumptions is key to getting it right. Set up a series of A& B testing facebook ads and see what works! You’ll get great data back, and rest assured that you’re resonating with your target audience. Or hit up ya BABE. I’m happy to help you build a kickass brand that people will love.  

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