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Our All-Time Favorite Non-Gendered Pronouns List

It’s 2018 – so if you, as a brand, are still using predominantly gendered language to a mixed-gendered audience, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. That’s why I’ve come up with my list of my favorite gender neutral, and totally delicious, greetings for your audience. Some are movie references, most are food, and all of them are guaranteed to make you smile.

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The Unspoken Language of Color: What is Your Brand Saying?

Building your brand, but never thought about how the color choices you use affect your audience – say whaaaat? You aren’t alone. Luckily for you, our friends at Coschedule took a deep dive into color theory and how it affects your audience. Here are the basics, for the full shebang, check out their INTENSIVE blog about color psychology, here. I’m not going to bore you with the stuff we learned in primary school (color pun!) but if you need a refresher they DO go over things like primary, secondary, and tertiary colors as well as tints, shades, and tones.

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