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Social Media 101

Spring has sprung in KC, and we are ready to spend our entire day outside with a giant iced coffee.
It is also a great time to spruce up your branding. Clear out the dust and put a fresh foot forward.

#10-keep it light

When customers visit your social media pages, pair important information about your business with a touch of humor and fun. We are looking to our favorite brands to lift our spirits and keep us engaged. A great way to do that is with smiling photos of people, great customer stories and testimonials, and bright, airy photos that can play off of your messaging.

#9-It's all about ratios

It might sound counterintuitive, but your social media should NOT be all about your brand. It should always be in the voice of the brand, but it doesn't have to be business 24/7. Try posting information about your brand or business just 3 out of every 10 posts. Make the rest about the lifestyle surrounding your brand. If you are a bakery, post a recipe and photos of you cooking outside the bakery. Post an amazing meal you ate at the new hot restaurant last week. Talk about your love of labradoodles wearing funny hats, or whatever niche interest you are passionate about! Maybe it's a camping trip you're getting ready for, and you have no idea how to cook on a propane grill. Talk about your journey and history as a baker. AND THEN post about your business.